Testimonials from Clients

Margarete in Tucson writes:

After my cattle dog Dotty and one of my cats died this spring during the petfood recall period, I made up my mind to feed the next pets RAW food only. Learning more about the BARF diet, I felt intimidated. Thankfully, I found AZ Animal Food. Not only is it complete in nutirents that my pets need, it is so easy to feed. No measuring, no supplements to add, no worry about bones or proper magnesium/calcium ratios. Wow, even the amount of doggie doo is much less.

My dogs love this stuff and after just 3 months, they look shiny, healthy, and perform better than any other dog in the park. We use the Majestic Raw Pet Patties and the dry nibblets for treats.

Paul from Scottsdale writes:

I have a 2 year old brown tabby cat named Abbey. She has been on a raw food diet for the last six months, specifically AFS beef and chicken patties from AZ Animal Food. She has a great deal of energy, and loves running, climbing, and chasing her fishing pole. Abbey has a very shiny coat, and is a healthy and happy cat. The raw food provides her with animal protein, fat, and nutrients that strict carnivores (cats) require, without the fillers such as oatmeal, grain, and corn that cats do not need.

Abbey likes the frozen raw patties mixed with the dehydrated for her main meals, and the small pieces of the dehydrated patties for snacks.
Jamie from Chandler writes:

I had been feeding Cleo dry food from Nutro Lamb and Rice formula for a long time. She didn't each much and I could leave her bowl filled as she periodically grazed. Cleo had long been an allergy sufferer and scratched herself often. I switched her to raw dog meat patties over a year ago.

Immediately her coat looked healthy and her appetitie became voracious. She loves eating now (just like her owner). What was once an indifferent eater is now Pavlov's dog - eagerly awaiting her morning and dinner patties.

Her allergies decreased and a switch in vets helped identify a yeast infection to finally eliminate her scratching. Her energy levels have always been high but I've seen no slowdown as she has passed her seventh year. Most importantly, she seems much happier.